<"O-LasThe Missing Piece is an official re-seller of Essentialskillz, a leading supplier of online Health & Safety and HR e-Learning content and risk assessment software delivered through their own platform known as OLAS.

I believe that a blended learning approach works best. eLearning used with traditional classroom techniques helps companies to train their employees and keep them updated as things change.

If you are looking for good Health & Safety trainers I can introduce you to my carefully chosen network of trusted trainers who are passionate about what they do.

The OLAS System

Regardles of which Essentialskillz option you choose you will be provided full technical back up, helpdesk support and the following service choices:

WHITE-LABELLING – Brand our system to reflect your company branding. We will add your logo and colours to the system.

USER TRAINING – Essentialskillz will provide you with training on:

  • How to administrate the system
  • Using the authoring tool to create your own course, test and assessment content or edit the existing content.


The Missing Piece can also provide you with support on authoring new courses should you wish to write your own or just tailor the existing content should you need to outsource this due to rersource.


There are 2 content options:

Health and Safety E-Learning is vital for any organisation. It helps to create a good culture within businesses and shows your staff that you care about their health, safety and well being. This range of Health and Safety E-Learning courses is designed to help you quickly and efficiently roll out relevant, targeted training to your workforce. All courses are editable, by you, using our rapid course authoring tool, O-LAS Author.Our range of safety, compliance and HR e-Learning solutions includes:
  • DSE Regulations
  • Safe Driving
  • Fire Safety
  • Health & Safety E-Learning
  • HR e-Learning
  • DSE e-Learning

The above courses are all RoSPA approved

Benefits – why choose our system over others in the marketplace…

VALUE Has an authoring tool that allows you to create as many courses, toolbox talks and surveys of your own as you want and to send them out to as many people as many times as you want without extra cost.
FULLY LOADED We have 22 Health & Safety courses including Display Screen Equipment all editable by you to be able to tailor them to your industry and your company.
WHITE-LABEL OPTION Can be fully branded system to your business – ask to see some examples.
THE COMPLETE SYSTEM Includes a Learning Management System.
GOES FURTHER HR courses are also available.
SCORM COMPLIANT Shareable Content Object Reference Model is a collection of standards and specifications for web based E-Learning – in simple terms, a SCORM compliant course will work in a SCORM compliant LMS.Plus all EssentialSkillz courses are SCORM 1.2 compliant which means that if you already have your own SCORM compliant LMS (Learning Management System), then you can take out a subscription for our courses for use in your own LMS.
VISIBILITY No hidden costs.

Take a look at some of our customers already using our system to keep their people and their businesses safe and up to date and see what they say about us in their testimonials about our services If you would like to have a closer look at the system, I would be more than happy to come and demo it to you and your colleagues or provide a web demo introduction. If you would like some indicative pricing, all I need is an idea of the likely number of users.