Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Services

DSE (Display Screen Equipment) services from EssentialSkillz. We provide online DSE    E-Learning, online DSE assessment, DSE assessor training and on site DSE assessment services.

1ergo_screen4_perDSE (Display Screen Equipment) – if your employees use Display Screen Equipment (DSE or VDU), then EssentialSkillz have a range of services that would be of use to you and your organisation.

Workstations and computer equipment can often be associated with various problems including eye strain, back ache, tiredness and pains in the arms, shoulders and neck. These are usually referred to as Upper Limb Disorders or ULDs.

Anyone that works in front of a computer screen for any length of time is potentially at risk from an Upper Limb Disorder. This is not to say that everyone working with DSE will develop a problem, but that the risk is heightened by the fact they work on a computer. The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations were introduced in January 1993 and were updated in 2002. The Regulations require employers to:

  • Assess and analyse workstations to help reduce the levels of risk
  • Make sure that workstations meet the set out minimum requirements
  • Ensure that work activity is planned to include breaks or changes in the work being carried out
  • Provide eye sight tests if requested and also provide special glasses if required by the user
  • Provide employees with training and relevant information


EssentialSkillz provide a range of services to both help reduce the risks associated with working on DSE and to provide awareness training for DSE users. We understand that the process of training and assessing large numbers of employees and workstations can be very time consuming and costly, so our services are designed to reduce the workload and the burden on your business and simplify the process.

DSE Services:

Online DSE Training and Employee Risk Assessment – ErgoWize

EssentialSkillz have been providing online training solutions for DSE for 10 years. Our flagship solution, ErgoWize, provides efficient, cost effective online training for any number of users – whether you have 50 users or 50,000 users. The software can help reduce the time taken following up on DSE assessment issues by between 60% and 90%.

The ErgoWize system works by providing interesting and informative online training combined with an employee risk assessment. Using the powerful LMS (Learning Management System), O-LAS LMS, ErgoWize provides:

  • Training completion rates
  • Complete compliance audit trail for both training and assessments
  • Risk prioritisation and identification
  • Graphical reporting of information for analysis
  • Batch resolution of issues

On Site DSE Workstation Assessments

Assessing large numbers of workstations can be a very time consuming and costly task. We can provide on site services where trained assessors will come to your workplace and provide the DSE assessment service for you. They will assess the workstations and provide a detailed report on the actions required and also provide sensible real world advice.

DSE Assessor Training

If you want to carry out DSE workstation assessments in house, EssentialSkillz can provide DSE Assessor Training to ensure that your staff have the skills and knowledge they need. We can provide enjoyable and absorbing training sessions either at your workplace or in our own training rooms in Milton Keynes.

An assessor training pack will be provided for each delegate on this one day course.

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