HR eLearning Courses

O-LAS Content provides a continually expanding library of courses covering key topics in both Health & Safety E-Learning and HR.

disciplinaryDisciplinary Policy – NEW!
The course follows the procedures recommended by the Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures.

bullyingBullying & Harassment – NEW!
The course describes both informal and formal procedures for dealing with a complaint and follows the bullying and harassment guidance at work recommended by Acas.

grievanceGrievance Policy – NEW!
Grievances are concerns, problems or complaints that employees may have concerning their work, working conditions or relationships with colleagues. The course is designed to communicate your policy.

social mediaSocial Media Policy – NEW!
Social Media Policy is a 20 minute course that ensures your employees understand what is and what is not acceptable when using social media at work.

antibriberyAnti-Bribery & Corruption – NEW!
Anti-Bribery & Corruption is a 30 minute course to ensure your employees and anyone who works on your behalf is aware of the new UK Bribery Act coming into force on July 1st, how it affects them and how it impacts on current work practices.

dataData Protection
A 25 minute course that provides employees with essential training on how the Data Protection Act 1998 relates to them and the work they do.

drugDrug & Alcohol Awareness
A 20 minute course that educates employees on the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse as well as specific rules regarding the use of these substances in the workplace.

environmentEnvironmental Awareness
A 40-minute course that promotes more sustainable environmental practices within the workplace. Designed for organisations who have achieved or wish to achieve ISO14001 standards.

equalityEquality & Diversity
A 20 minute online course that ensures employees are aware of the issues of equality and diversity in the workplace and what their role is in relation to these issues.

ergowiseErgoWize – DSE E-Learning – Approved by RoSPA
A 25 minute DSE course. Available as standalone training or as part of our DSE compliance software solution ErgoWize, which also includes DSE self-risk assessment.

momsNew & Expectant Mothers
This course highlights the responsibility of employees to inform their employer if they are pregnant, have recently given birth or are breastfeeding.

internetInternet Use Policy
A 20 minute course that provides employees with information regarding practices that are acceptable and unacceptable uses of the internet and email within a company.

stressStress Essentials A 30 minute stress management course designed to encourage employees to work positively. Available as standalone training or with a stress survey tool.

pandemicPandemic Awareness
Pandemic Awareness is a 20 minute E-Learning course that provides employees with information on what pandemics are, how it spreads and what people can do to protect themselves.