H&S eLearning Courses

O-LAS Content provides a continually expanding library of courses covering key topics in both Health & Safety E-Learning and HR.

Health and Safety training is vital for any organisation. It creates a good culture within the business and shows your staff that you care about their health, safety and well-being. This range of Health and Safety E-Learning courses is designed to help you quickly and efficiently roll out relevant, targeted training to your workforce. All courses are editable, by you, using our rapid course authoring tool, O-LAS Author.

ergowiseErgoWize – DSE E-Learning – Approved by RoSPA
A 25 minute DSE course. Available as standalone training or as part of our DSE compliance software solution ErgoWize, which also includes DSE self-risk assessment.

ppePPE – Personal Protective Equipment – Approved by RoSPA
A 20 minute course providing guidance for all employees on the safe and proper use of PPE.

firesafetyFire Safety Essentials
A 30 minute fire safety course designed to deliver information about this key topic quickly and effectively.

manualhandlingManual Handling Essentials – Approved by RoSPA
A 30 minute manual handling course. Available as standalone training or with user focused risk assessment.

asbestosAsbestos Awareness – NEW!
Aimed at all contractors or employees who are liable to encounter or disturb Asbestos Containing Materials.

LadderWorking at Heights – NEW!
An engaging course for any employee or contractor whose role involves working at heights.

riskassRisk Assessment for Managers – NEW!
A 20 minute course to provide managers and supervisors with a general background in the concept and importance of risk assessments.

drivewizeDriveWize – Safe Driving
A 35 minute course designed to increase awareness of how behaviour on the road affects how safe a driver you are. Available as standalone training or with a self-risk assessment.

inductionHealth & Safety Induction – Approved by RoSPA
A 20 minute employee safety induction course aimed at introducing new starters to Health & Safety procedures and policies.

slipsSlips, Trips and Falls
A 15 minute course designed to heighten employee awareness of how easy it is for an accident to occur at work as a result of a slip, trip or fall.

managersHealth & Safety for Managers – Approved by RoSPA
A 35 minute course designed to introduce managers to their safety obligations and responsibilities when supervising the employees who report to them.

coshhHazardous Substances (COSHH) – Just Updated!
A 35 minute E-Learning course providing an overview of what hazardous substances are and how to work safely with them

momsNew & Expectant Mothers
This course highlights the responsibility of employees to inform their employer if they are pregnant, have recently given birth or are breastfeeding.

consafetyContractor Safety Procedures
This course provides your company’s own policies and information regarding the site/premises and the type of work they will be undertaking.

elecsafetyElectrical Safety
A 20-minute course designed to encourage the safe use of electricity in a commercial workplace.

foodsafetyFood Safety Essentials
A 30 minute E-Learning course providing clear guidance on the essential rules of hygiene that must be followed by anyone who works with food.

cprCPR Essentials
A 40 minute course designed to accompany a practical demonstration of Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation or to be used as a refresher training course.

pandemicPandemic Awareness
Pandemic Awareness is a 20 minute E-Learning course that provides employees with information on what pandemics are, how it spreads and what people can do to protect themselves.