Learning Management System

O-LAS LMS is a unique web-based Learning and Compliance Management System that provides a central E-Learning environment for your entire organisation

O-LAS LMSO-LAS LMS – The Learning Management System from EssentialSkillz.

O-LAS is a modular platform that seamlessly integrates with our established software solutions, as well as other SCORM content from a wide range of E-Learning providers. Self-paced online employee training can be delivered, tracked and managed from one system.

This powerful Learning Management System provides extensive reporting functionality for any type of E-Learning programme; enabling organisations to rapidly implement online training initiatives specific to their learning requirements.

Businesses of any size can transform their learning process due to the ease of use that O-LAS LMS provides, ensuring the highest possible course completion rates. The system can be easily expanded at any point to meet your evolving needs.

Key Features Key Benefits
  • Rapid implementation
  • Scalable solution
  • Web-based hosted Learning Management System
  • SCORM & AICC compliant; integrates with courses and systems from third party providers
  • Ease of use for both administrators and employees
  • Automated email notifications
  • Easy administration of employee turnover and movement
  • Dynamic KPI multi-tier reporting
  • Tracks non-compliance as well as compliance
  • Detailed audit trail
  • O-LAS Author – optional Course Authoring Tool
  • O-LAS Content – optional library of specialist HR & Safety E-Learning Content
  • O-LAS Assess – optional Risk Assessment Management module
  • Quick and simple to set-up; no installation required and accessible anywhere through the web
  • Increased efficiency of the training process; gaining more value from the training budget
  • Track individual activity; view employee progress, scores and records
  • Organisations can be subdivided by any means to simplify course roll-out and tracking
  • Consistent communication; ensuring the quality of training is the same for every employee, every time
  • Continual analysis over any period, providing detailed reporting which enables focused decision making and targeted responses where they are needed
  • Increased organisational awareness encouraging a culture of compliance to evolve throughout your workforce
  • Improve efficiency and up-take of compliance initiatives
  • O-LAS Author – quickly create your own engaging and interactive e-Learning courses to suit your organisational needs or use EssentialSkillz range of established courses
  • O-LAS Content provides pre-built, editable and specialist E-Learning content covering key HR & Safety compliance areas
  • O-LAS Assess enables you to effectively carry out, prioritise and manage employee risk assessments on any subject

Learning Management System

A strong feature of O-LAS LMS for the Health & Safety industry is the inbuilt risk management system that enables the risk assessment of employees. Very useful for compliance issue such as Display Screen Equipment (DSE), O-LAS Learning Management System can deliver online training followed by a full self-risk assessment. Employee risk assessments can easily be put together for any subject.

A well-educated workforce is the key to achieving optimum compliance and reducing the risk of financial liability. O-LAS LMS enables you to deliver, manage and report on every aspect of your training initiatives

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