O-LAS Branding is a corporate branding service provided by EssentialSkillz. We can brand our E-Learning courses with your own distinctive corporate style so that our courses have your company’s look!

EssentialSkillzO-LAS Branding is our new specialised corporate branding pack . The pack will enable you to apply your own particular branding style to our O-LAS LMS (Learning Management System) and comprehensive suite of courses. Our highly skilled design team can integrate your branding preferences seamlessly into our pre-existing suite of online safety and risk assessment solutions.

Although our E-Learning course content is already fully editable using the O-LAS Author tool,  you can also choose to whitelabel the system so that it represents your own specific corporate branding style. This enables you to have a seamless stylistic link between your internal systems and our core content by replicating your corporate branding onto our learning solution

This new customized branding development is significant because the end users of the learning solution can engage with our award-winning content while at the same time, have the familiarity of their own corporate branding. Essentially the end user who is enrolled on one of our courses will still feel they are within the familiar boundaries of your own company’s information systems.

O-LAS Branding made simple

We have made the branding process as painless as possible for you. We believe O-LAS Branding couldn’t be easier to implement. We will send you some branding samples and you can choose your favourite design.

All we ask of you is:

  • – To send us any relevant images or logos relevant to your brand that you want on our learning products (We will tell you in what format we want the images)
  • – To tell us if you have any preferences with regard to colour schemes, styles or backgrounds
  • – To let us know if you want any further modifications or alterations during the branding process

– We pride ourselves on our design and support teams and have a track record of fast and decisive action when any modifcations or alterations are called for. O-LAS   Branding, therefore, is another component in our range of solutions where you can expect an excellent level of customer service.

Where your brand goes with O-LAS Branding

O-LAS Branding allows users to brand each step along the e-learning path so corporate styling can be applied to everything from the log-in page, to the LMS, to the courses themselves and even to the certificate awarded to the users who complete the course. All of the branding will be implemented according to the aspirations of the

client and the final system promises to deliver a polished, professional and consistent look that is in keeping with the high standards espoused by the client.