Training Needs Analysis Module

 Rolling out our compliance E-Learning is now a whole lot easier!

Training Needs Analaysis from EssentialSkillz – Identifying which staff require what training can be a daunting task in any organisation. Even when you have identified the training needs, there is then the task of enrolling each member of staff on the course. All very time consuming and costly.

Using the unique tools built into the EssentialSkillz LMS (Learning Management System), O-LAS, we have designed a simple, effective and powerful tool to make the process considerably easier and much more cost effective.

  • By completing our Training Needs Analysis Assessment online, in just a few minutes each member of staff identifies their own training requirements
  • The results are automatically collated in our powerful LMS
  • Staff can then be batch enrolled on each course – i.e. if you have 500 staff that require DSE training, they can all be enrolled on that course in one click
  • Once the staff have completed their training, it is recorded against their training record in our LMS

The Training Needs Analysis assessment and all of our courses are completely editable. You can include questions specific to your own organisations training requirements.

Training Needs Analysis