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Who are PHSP?

PHSS AwardsIn 2011, after having built one of the UK’s leading Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Consultancies and lead one of the most successful health and safety programmes in the history of construction, Karen Baxter created the Park Health and Safety Partnership.

With an extensive background in occupational hygiene and a thorough understanding of risk management techniques, the company was founded with the aim of improving the strategic management of occupational health, safety and hygiene services.

PHSP’s experience goes beyond providing occupational health and hygiene support, to  defining, managing and shaping that support.  Our team has been involved in:

 – Introducing worldwide health standards for numerous manufacturing facilities across Europe, including Alcoa, UPS, Raytheon and IBM

– Leading strategic occupational health and hygiene reviews for organisations including       Dupont, Lafarge, Allied Bakeries and Southern Water

– The creation and implementation of occupational health management systems for major projects such as Channel Tunnel, Heathrow Terminal 5, London 2012 Olympic Delivery Authority and Crossrail.

PHSP’s Unique approach – Integrated Occupational Health Management – The 3 W’s Strategy

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Statistics show that the management of occupational health is of paramount importance to business continuity. 2010/2011 figures from the HSE show that 24.6 million working days were lost in the year, 22.1 million days due to work-related ill health and 4.4 million days due to workplace injury. (HSE Statistics 2010/11).

However, as with all business services, best value can only be gained from a systematic approach. Using the lessons learned from projects such as Heathrow Terminal 5 and the London 2012 Olympics a simple yet effective integrated occupational health service provision can be achieved. This best practice model in occupational health management is based upon the three integral strands of occupational health or the 3Ws;

Workplace, ill health prevention – the impact of a person’s work on their health

Worker, clinical intervention –the impact of a person’s health on their work

Wellbeing, health promotion – the use of the workplace to promote health

PHSP’s aim is therefore to deliver a service which allows companies to go beyond a traditional reactive and worker based approach to occupational health. Allowing our clients to proactively: eliminate occupational health hazards; limit exposure to health risk where hazard cannot be eliminated; ensure staff are fit for the work required of them; rehabilitate workers so that they can continue in employment and provide opportunity for workers to enhance their general health and wellbeing.

The IES report on the cost benefit of preventative OH services pioneerd on the Olympic Park and led by members of the PHSP team has now been published and you can download a copy at:

The figures showed that there was a return of around £7 for every £1 spent on the occupational hygiene programme, based on how much the absence reduction saved on the build.

The 3W’s approach can be used by any industry and is scalable to fit all sizes of organisation and is currently being rolled out within construction, renewable and the food and drink companies.

What services do PHSP offer?

  • Occupational health and hygiene strategy development
  • Management of onsite occupational hygiene services
  • Benchmarking, audit and review of occupational health
  • Hazardous substance exposure monitoring
  • Recommendation of control measures and management of implementation
  • Noise exposure assessment, control advice and training
  • Whole body and hand arm vibration exposure assessment and training
  • Asbestos management and training Safety leadership
  • Strategic review
  • Management review
  • Management system (OHSAS 18001, HSG 65) readiness audit and Management system development and implementation
  • Contractor appraisal and management
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Contractor appraisal and management
  • Stress risk assessment and management
  • Safety leadership programmes

For more information onany of the services that make up the 3Ws approach to occupational health, please contact us on 07803 87650 or at Contact Us