Organisational Stress Management Programme

Our Stress programme is the best way to achieve a cost effective solution that, once implemented, will ensure the successful management of stress within your organisation and is based on providing a systematic approach to completing the process.

By applying the principles of our organisational stress risk assessment solution, we will be able to demonstrate that our approach works. It is important that if you begin such a programme it is taken to fruition, as this ensures staff feel that their contribution was valued and taken seriously for the benefit of the organisation. Following the completion of the pilot, informed consideration can be given to the further roll out of this programme across the wider organisation.


HSE statistics indicate that the health, education, local government, central government and financial services sectors have the highest incidence and prevalence of work-related stress.

There are no specific legal provisions covering work related stress at present so control of exposure is governed by the general provisions of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and the Management of the Health and Safety at Work Regulations. In addition, any business owes staff and others affected by the undertaking of the Company, a common law duty of care established by precedent. In order to discharge these legal obligations we advocate that a stress management programme which implements the HSE Stress Management Standards Guidance is used.

There are six standards as follows:


Key Performance Indicator

Demand Staff are comfortable with the demand placed upon them
Control Staff are comfortable with the level of control that they have over their work
Support Staff indicate that sufficient support is available to them
Relationships Staff are positive regarding their relationships with managers, peers and subordinates
Role Staff indicate that they understand the requirements of their job role and how that contributes to the success of their team and the company overall
Change Staff are satisfied with the levels of communication and consultation during times of change


Our IOSH qualified stress management trainers will work with your management team to implement our stress management programme. The programme was conceived to provide our customers with a sensible step by step approach to stress management which focuses on the causes of stress, the stressors, and management of these through application of the tried and tested 5 step risk management methodology.

In this way, stress related ill health, whether caused or exacerbated by work or non-work related stressors, can be prevented to the benefit of both staff and the organisation as a whole. If implemented in a systematic and sustained manner, success can be measured through reduced sickness absence and improved staff retention rates.

In line with the HSE guidance on risk assessment for workplace stress, the steps programme focuses on the prevention and control of risks at an organisational level which have the potential to impact upon groups and possibly large numbers of employees, thus ensuring that any actions taken by an organisation have the greatest return for the time and effort put into the process.

Completion of our programme will ensure that using the HSE stress standards to implement the company’s stress management procedure will deliver the following benefits:

  • To discharge legal duties by demonstrating that a suitable stress management system recognised by the enforcing authority is in place.
  • To ensure that you measure occupational health and wellbeing performance as rigorously as Accident Frequency Rates using sickness absence and staff churn rates as key measures.
  • To ensure that managers understand and implement good line management practice and understand how this can influence good performance with regard to stress management.

Programme of Works

Action Our Assistance
Gain commitment and active support of executive board and senior management for the programme
Run boardroom briefing.
Evaluate current position regarding health and wellbeing management performance
Complete a Readiness Review through structured interview with HR/H&S/management and document review.
Use HSE stress management guidance to measure current performance against good practice stress management standards
Distribute the HSE Stress Management Questionnaire, with an explanatory covering note reminding staff of the stress programme and introducing the fact that some may be asked to attend focus groups as representatives of their various departments.
Define the company specific stressors and actions that can be taken to minimise their impact on health
Establish Focus Groups to achieve the improvements required.
Provide information, instruction and training to all
Provide necessary Learning and Development using Computer Based Training (CBT) or face to face training if the need is identified to managers and staff.
Continuous review and improvement of health and wellbeing practice
Ensure continuous Monitoring and Review to include.

We strongly believe that if implemented correctly, our programme will have a positive effect on the morale of your employees and help to create a working environment that will see an increase in output from staff over time.