Argyll Service Principles

Argyll provides a robust BS8484 certified Lone Worker safety service based on 7 key principles:

1. Risk Management

2. Location Management

3. Solution Management

4. Incident Management

5. Compliance Management

6. Resilience Management

7. Data Management


1. Risk Management

Argyll’s flexible Lone Worker solution is not only designed to meet the needs of the individual user based on their risk assessment, but is also designed to address key issues such as:

– Personal Well Being

– Occupational Activity

– Violence and Aggression

– Geographical Risk

– Poor Mobile Coverage

2. Location Management

During an emergency or where there is cause for concern, it is vital that responders know the location of any incident. Argyll’s Lone Worker system contains fail-safe methods of locating staff in an emergency while ensuring that adherence with legislation and privacy are respected.

3. Solution Management


Argyll’s flexible platform allows you to build a tailored service and device solution which manages your duty of care.

Mass deployment of a single device may not meet the risk management requirements of all staff. The Argyll service can be used with existing mobile phones, blackberry, smartphones; pda’s and/or bespoke Lone Worker safety devices where required, allowing you to tailor the service to your specific needs. Devices can also be shared and multiple devices can be allocated to a single user to ensure maximum flexibility.

Initial Deployment 
Simple implementation and effective training is vital to ensure adoption of any Lone Worker service. Argyll’s inhouse

management team and trainers will guide you through all operational and training aspects of your service and devices, from day one. They will explain escalation processes and police engagement scenarios, working with you to ensure your lone worker solution is fail-safe.

Ongoing Solution Management

Argyll’s secure Internet administration service gives you full control of your lone worker solution 24/7/365.

Any changes, from a simple change of contact detail, a new mobile network provider, a faulty device or even a new manager within the staff alerting process can all threaten the safety and integrity of your solution, therefore, Argyll’s Internet service is available 24/7/365 and allows an administrator to effect changes immediately to maintain the integrity of your service at all times.

4. Incident Management

Argyll’s ‘state of the art’ Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is the first of its type to be built in the UK and the only BS8484 certified ARC within Scotland. It is dedicated to monitoring the safety of vulnerable individuals and lone workers. This £1.5 million building was awarded the prestigious Secured By Design standard and is also certified to the rigorous standard BS5979 CAT 2.

Forming a vital component of your Lone Worker monitoring solution both BS 8484 and BS 5979 Cat 2 are required in order to guarantee a police response.

5. Compliance Management

Argyll’s sophisticated reporting suite enables you to demonstrate compliance with both corporate policy and health & safety legislation. Our secure Internet service allows you to review activity reports, assess staff training needs and demonstrate compliance.

6. Resiliance Management

A superb lone worker device is rendered ineffective unless it is supported by a comprehensive and reliable backbone service.

Argyll does not outsource any part of it’s service which means the end user can be confident in it’s integrity and reliability. At greater than 99.998% service uptime, Argyll exceeds the minimum standards contained within BS8484 which requires a robust and reliable infrastructure and a guarantee that service be resumed within a maximum of 2 hours following any failure.

7. Data Management

At Argyll, we understand your lone worker data is precious and may contain sensitive or personal information relating to your staff, their personal health and relations and your business processes. This is why Argyll does not sub contract any part of it’s service to other suppliers. We handle your data with the same integrity you expect within your own business and operate Data handling processes to the recognised ISO27001 data security standard.